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Teach Family Members to Stick to the Rules around Your Children

Teach Family Members to Stick to the Rules around Your Children

One of the hardest things for parents can be getting all of the extended family on the same page regarding rules for children. Often these family members don’t see them as much as they would like to and because of that they can often offer them many treats. When you are looking to install some discipline in your child’s routine, often grandparents or other relations can spoil this by giving in too easily to the child.

When you and your partner decide that discipline needs installing, you will have come up with a list of rules that need sticking to. Instead of keeping these rules to yourself, be sure to share them with other relatives who will have close contact with your children. These relatives may not understand what is happening and could cause problems for you by giving into your child too easily.

There is no doubting that children do need disciplining, but if adults are all on completely different pages then things will look very disjointed for your child, and they will not understand anything you try to teach them. This can cover a multitude of different things, from eating and drinking to being given treats as a reward for something, all of which are things that other relatives may not think about before they offer something.

A prime example of this would be with eating. If you are trying to install discipline around meal times and eating food that is good then you may cut out snacks in between meals for your child. Should they then go to the house of a relative, they may offer them snacks without even thinking, and this would only lead to confusion for your child.

Another example would be only offering treats if your child has shown good behaviour during that day at school. This is a great way to get them acting well in other environments, but if you then take your child to a relative and they give them a treat for nothing, this shows that they don’t have to be a good person to get a treat every time.

There are many other ways that relatives can affect the rules you lay down, so be sure to share them with anyone who your child will come into regular contact with. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and your child will understand that no matter what the environment and no matter which adults are in the room, they have to behave in the correct manner if they want to earn a treat, and they have to have good eating habits too.